Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tried and True B2B Strategies - #3

We all do it.

We see a headline in a newspaper, or hear an announcer on TV talking about the results of a recent survey, and our antennae immediately go up. It’s human nature to be interested in what others are thinking and to see if our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors “measure up” to supposed norms.

Editors love surveys for the same reason. They draw reader and viewer attention, which makes them an ideal way to help publicize your company’s products, services, or other initiatives. In fact, survey results can be highly effective commercials for your organization, particularly when they are related to current topical news trends that the media is already following.
 As an example, M. NICHOLS used a survey to help publicize a social networking website for teachers. Working with a research specialist, we developed and fielded a telephone survey of teachers that, in addition to questions about their social media habits, included a section about their attitudes towards the strong testing and accountability emphasis of the No Child Left Behind Act and other major education issues. We then issued a press release on the results (positioning our client as a sponsor and thought leader) during the “back to school” period when media interest in education is heightened, resulting in considerable trade media interest.

The possibilities for survey publicity are endless. For a manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment, how about a survey on user trends on utilizing energy-efficient products in their businesses or homes – after all, what publication isn’t following green issues these days? For an organization that accredits medical laboratories, what about a survey that reveals the top five lab errors with a press release that contains advice on how consumers can help protect themselves -- tapping into the enormous interest in health care? You get the idea.
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