Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tried and True B2B PR Strategies - #4

Some might argue that social media techniques like Twitter and Facebook lend themselves better to consumer rather than B2B marketing. Granted, the latest HVAC innovation or enterprise software release may lack the glamour of consumer products, but resources like Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube are nonetheless extremely effective ways to market such products to business audiences.

As Twitter states on its website: “Twitter is a communication platform that helps businesses stay connected to their customers. As a business, you can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your company….But Twitter isn’t just about useful immediacy. The conversational nature of the medium lets you build relationships with customers, partners and other people important to your business. Beyond transactions, Twitter gives your constituents direct access to employees and a way to contribute to your company; as marketers say, it shrinks the emotional distance between your company and your customers.”

The same can be said of LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media sites.

Let’s say you’re introducing a new widget to several key industrial markets. How about uploading a video or pictures of it on YouTube or Facebook?

Can you offer special introductory pricing? Send a Tweet to that effect, linking to your website’s online store.

Does your company website have a blog? Link a post about the new product to a company-sponsored Facebook page or Twitter account. (You do have a blog, don’t you?)

If appropriate, create a user group for the product on Facebook and actively monitor it.

Most of all, listen to customer feedback via all these channels and take appropriate actions. It will build sales for your products and good will for your company.

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